Program Rules and Policies
School Hours:
The traditional school day begins at 8 am and ends at 4pm, with extended hours 6:30a - 6:30p, based on specific, individual needs. Students who attend Saturday school, Summer School or Tutoring sessions will report as scheduled by their instructor.
Tardiness is a disruption to the instructional program, but, since our students are traveling to us from as far west as Douglasville, as far south as Jonesboro, as far North as Kennesaw, and as far east as Madison, we ask that students make every effort to be on time for scheduled sessions and appointments.Class time missed is effected by the absence policy.
Absences are recorded. Students enrolled in the traditional academy are only permitted 10 days of absences for the entire school year. Excessive absences will result in the student attending academic summer school before the grade will be considered completed. Transcripts will reflect promotion or retention based on attendance and or completion of all requirements.
Prompt and Regular Attendance
·        Is expected of all TLC students.
·        Is a key factor in student achievement and success in education.
·        Is essential if a student is to make use of the educational opportunities at TLC.
Excused Absences include illness (parent or doctor’s note), funeral, religious holiday, medical or dental appointment, court appearance, quarantine, weather or dangerous road conditions and special circumstances over which neither the student nor the parent had control that are deemed acceptable by the principal. All other absences will be considered unexcused.
Students in other program sessions, i.e. Saturday School, Summer School must make up missed classes.
Tuition is divided into equal payments and is due on Monday of each week or on whatever day your student reports to their first class.
Traditional Academy - Late pay on Tuesday add $ 15.00, Late pay on Weds. add additional $ 10.00. Thursday- no program services.
Accredited classes- Payments are payable per session and can be paid in partial or full payment.Missed classes by absence or tardiness must be made up at additional cost.
Other programs or services - Payment due for services rendered.
Student Progress:
Progress notes are maintained on all students by each teacher the student has sessions or classes with.
Traditional Academy -  (K-8) Assignments completed by the student during a two week period will be attached to a bi -weekly progress report sheet. This report will include all assignments completed and grades received for that two week period. This report is done in duplicate. Parents must sign one copy and return it to the school. The assignments attached are to be kept by the parents. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher whenever there are questions and or concerns. Progress reports cumulative of all assignments and tests will be issued on the dates as indicated on the academic calendar.
 (Make Up Failed Classes)Making up failed classes is an opportunity for a student to retake a class that he/she failed and did not receive credit for the class towards graduation. These classes are complete classes containing all standard content in which a student will demonstrate adequate mastery before receiving a new grade. Classes may be taken by students from other schools or districts and these credits will be transferred back to the students home school.
Students may take classes in advance of the normal academic track toward early graduation or to lighten their class load during the school year.
(1 credit for each academic semester, 2 credits during the summer)
Repeating Courses for Credit:
A student's GPA may be improved if a student earned a grade lower than a "C" and repeats and finishes the class with a higher grade. A student who repeats a class for grade improvement will not receive additional units of credit.
Class Status:
Your class status will be determined by the number of credits you have earned.
Freshman status -----------less than 6 credits
Sophomore status ---------at least 6 credits
Junior status----------------at least 12 credits
Senior status---------------at least 18 credits
Grading Policies
The student will be given a grade report for each grading period. Numerical grades will be used on all reports.
There are 4 standard letter grades that you can receive at TLC. Each grade is assigned a grade point value which is used to determine your grade point average (GPA).
Grades:                     Grade Points:                         Carnegie Units:
A = 90 -100                 4 points                      
B = 80 – 89                 3 points                                  ½  0.50 = 75 hours
C = 71 –79                  2 points                                   1.00     = 150 hours
D = 70                         1 point                                    Summer School = 75/150 hrs.
Below 70 fail                0                                             
Promotion Policy / Graduation:
Core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Foreign Language. High school students must earn a minimum 24 credits and have a 2.5 to graduate. The GPA does not pertain to students transferring to TLC from other schools. However, all courses taken at TLC must meet the minimum GPA for graduation. If a student's daily assignments go below a 75%, the student will be required to attend mandatory tutoring classes.
Mandatory Tutoring:
Any student receiving below 75% or is behind in his/her work will be required to attend tutorial classes until their grades and work are acceptable.
Each core course requires a midterm and/or final exam regardless of course grade.
Field Trips:
Students shall participate in field trips that enrich and complement the instructional program. Parents will be provides with information concerning field trips as soon as that information becomes available. Field trips are scheduled every Thursday. Fees for field trips are separate and payable as indicated on permission slip.  No refunds are given if your child is absent on Thursday.
“NO SCHOOL”  due to Inclement Weather Procedures
Occasionally during the winter months it may be necessary to close school because of the weather
conditions. You may call 678-691-7949 to determine if school has been closed for a particular day.
Fire Drills
Georgia school laws require that fire drills be held regularly (monthly) and a report maintained for county and accreditation inspection. Students are expected to follow the directions of their instructor during drills.
Ethics and Honesty Policy
We expect students to represent their own work honestly and accurately at all times.
Honesty is:
·        Doing your own work
·        Crediting others’ words, pictures, facts and ideas.
·        Keeping you eyes on your own paper
·        Helping, not copying
·        Using electronic devices with integrity
Dishonesty is:
·        Plagiarism- using writings, passages, ideas, of others and passing them off as your own, using an outside source without proper acknowledgement and submitting or using falsified data or records.
·        Cheating- acting dishonestly and practicing fraud, assisting, or participating in misrepresenting someone’s work as your own., using unauthorized materials during a test,
·        Stealing- destroying the work of others, and altering grade book records
Any one found guilty of any act of dishonesty will receive a zero for the work.
Dress Code:
Student dress shall conform to appropriate standards. While students have a basic right to dress as desired, the program has an obligation to restrict dress which impedes the orderly operation of the educational process. Any type of dress/garment that is distracting, immodest, or interferes with learning will not be permitted. Students will wear acceptable attire which exhibits good taste and which is appropriate for the occasion. The following restrictions on student dress apply during school hours.
  • Clothing that fails to meet the criteria of acceptable attire includes tank tops, halters, strapless tops, clothing with spaghetti straps, sheer apparel, section cut out garments, bike shorts, aerobic wear, sweat shorts or cutoffs, pajamas, sleep attire, bedroom slippers, and bare feet.
  • Clothing should be of an appropriate size so as not to fit too tightly or too loosely. Pants that are so large that they will not stay at waist level when secured by a belt will not be permitted.
  • Females shall not wear shirts, dresses, or tops that reveal cleavage.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments at all times.
  • Jeans and pants are not to have holes located above the knee.
  • Shirts must cover the midriff at all times, sitting, standing, bending, or reaching.
  • Clothes, book bags, and backpacks that advertise alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, or depicting vulgar, macabre, occult or gruesome themes will not be allowed.
  • Clothes, charms, bracelets, rings, or other jewelry that are associated with gang colors or symbols will not be allowed.
  • Chains hanging from pants, belt loops, book bags, purses, or wallets are not acceptable.
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts must have a length that is two inches above the knee or longer.
  • Dark-lens glasses sweat bands, bandanas, hats, and other headwear will not be worn in the building by male of female students.
General Code of Conduct
The Learning Company has a responsibility to all members of the learning community to maintain a school climate beneficial to learning. Any threat to do bodily harm or injure another student or a staff member will be taken seriously and subject to disciplinary action. Students are to avoid the following:
  • Abusive, disruptive and offensive language.
  • Cheating, plagiarism, or forgery.
  • Public displays of affection.
  • Possession and use of alcohol, tobacco and /or drugs.
  • Possession of pornographic materials.
  • Fighting.
  • Defacing or destroying school materials or property.
  • Stealing and gambling.
  • Firearms, fireworks, and knives.
  • Showing disrespect to teachers.
  • Violating school dress code.
  • Disruption or interferences with school processes.
  • Tobacco products on program premises.
  • Showing disrespect to teachers.
Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct
Sexual harassment or sexual misconduct by a student toward another student or program employee will not be tolerated.
The following behaviors are examples of conduct that is prohibited:
  • Physical assaults of a sexual nature.
  • Other unwanted or unnecessary physical contact.
  • Subtle pressure or requests for sexual contact.
  • Verbal comments of a sexual nature
  • Sexually offensive jokes.
  • The display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures.
  • The inappropriate use of sexually explicit or offensive language in discussions with or to describe an individual.
Search and Seizure
The administration maintains authority over buildings and grounds and has the right to search them with reasonable suspicion. Any student bringing weapons, drugs or any other dangerous items will be immediately terminated from the program.
Electronic Devices
All personal electronic devices such as Walkman, Discman, and hand held video games are not permitted in school. Students may have cell phones and/or pagers in their possession, but they are to be turned off. Students found to be in violation will be sent home. Absences from class will result in the drop of one letter grade.
 Right to Change
The TLC programs reserve the right to modify, change, adapt, or replace any and all policies and procedures without prior notification to the parents or students.
Records Request
Parents, students, and legal agencies are required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to submit a Records Request form for medical records, testing reports, report cards and transcripts. Photocopies of the records will be issued within two weeks after approval of the Director of Student Services has been received.
Release of records will only be approved when there is no unpaid balance and other obligations to the program have been met.