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High School Diploma Completion Program
No diploma?  What's Your Excuse?
Dropped out. ..........Put out. ...........Failed graduation tests.
Failed Gateway Test .............Certificates of Attendance
We are here to help!
TLC provides a high school completion program consistent with the high school graduation requirements as mandated by the State of Georgia. There are no age limitations for the completion of a high school diploma. We have graduated many students in their 30's and 40's whi have decided to take advanatage of President Obama's education opportunties.
Enrollment Requirements:
Student must be 16 and older
Official transcript from previous school for evaluation and determination of classes needed for completion
Copy of drivers license
Copy of social security card
Immunization records (if available)
Complete registration, Pay appropriate fees, Follow program policies
Programs for Enrollment
Structured Study:
1.     Year round enrollment
2.     Indivdual instructors monitor, support, instruct and provide academic tutoring
3.     Fees are paid weekly
4.     *Scholarship available for first History or English class
Accelerated High School:
1.     Complete high school in 2 years.
2.     Minumum age for enrollment is 15.
3.     Enrollment is semester based.....next enrollment period...June 1 - 5
Our students have enrolled in:
Georgia Perimeter
Lanier Tech
Lincoln Tech
Sandersville Tech
Gwinnett Tech
New York University
Tallahassee Community College
Fisk University
Kent State University
Pensacola Community College
University of Miami
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Hampton Institute
Ashford Univesity
University of Phoenix
Georgia Military College
Send us your high school transcript. We will evaluate it at no charge.
* Restrictions apply