High School Graduation Requirements
 The courses listed are only a sampling of what courses may meet graduation or credit requirements.The Director of Student Services will evaluate student transcripts and determine which classes are transferable based upon program transfer and grade policies and which classes are needed for completion of diploma credits.
Career/Tech             24 Credits                          College Prep              24 Credits
Subject                                Credits                        Subject                         Credits
Language Arts                      4                             Language Arts                      4
   Ninth Eng/Comp                                                    Ninth Eng/Comp                    
   Tenth Eng/Comp                                                    Tenth Eng/Comp                   
   Amer. Lit/Comp.                                                    Amer.Lit/Comp.                    
   Brit.Lit/Comp                                                      Brit. Lit/Comp.                      
Mathematics                         4                             Mathematics                       4

   Algebra Concepts 1                                               Algebra 1                          
   Algebra Concepts 2                                                Algebra II                          
    Problem Solving I                                                  Geometry                         
    Problem Solving II                                                 Algebra III                        
    Algebra I                                                               Trigonometry    
    Geometry                                                              Statistics
    Algebra II                 
Science                                   4                         Science                                   4
     Physical Science                                                   Physical Science                   
     Biology                                                                Biology                               
     Science Elective                                                   Chemistry                            
     Science Elective                                                   Physics                               
Social Studies                         4                    Social Studies                           4

    World Geography                                               World Geography                    
    World History                                                     World History                         
     US History                                                          US History                              
     Economics                                                           Economics                              
     Civics                                                                  Civics                                     
Health/Physical Education    2                         Health/Physical Education   2
Foreign Language                 1                         Foreign Language                 2
Career/Technology               3                         Technology                            1
Fine Arts                                1                         Fine Arts                               1
Electives                                1                        Electives                               2